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Swami Satyananda has said that giving is an activity, which should be approached as a science, and that it should be planned and structured very carefully and systematically. Swami Satyananda throughout his life explained that we must provide whatever is the need of the people. Before deciding on what to give, we must first assess and understand what it is that people need according to their situation. He had said, “I teach yoga because people need it, if at any time in the future they no longer need yoga I will stop teaching it.” Accordingly, in Rikhia he did not teach yoga to the villagers, or the Vedas or Sanskrit. Rather, initially he met their daily needs and alleviated their day-to-day struggle for survival.


“After coming to Rikhia my cataracted vision was corrected. I have lived a spiritual life for more than sixty years. I have practiced every form of yoga, but ultimately I found that when I began to think about others, God began to think about me. On my Guru’s instructions I lit the flame of yoga in Munger and the light of seva in Rikhia. This is the requirement of humanity today.”