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Education was a natural progression in the development of Rikhia panchayat, and is an ongoing area of focus of Sivananda Math as it instills self-confidence and independence and most importantly provides a platform for self-reliance. Currently over 1600 children aged between 6-12 years are enrolled to receive education in English and computer skills, yoga, kirtan, chanting of Sanskrit stotras, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita. Selected children are also trained in Bharatnatyam and Orissi dance, modern dance, art, English dramas, havan and the sacred rituals of Rudrabhishek and Sri Vidya Puja. As a result of these activities, children from the most neglected strata of society have become role models for children and adults from all parts of the world, who come to witness their efficient execution of the most difficult tasks.


The aim behind these projects is to provide a much needed strong foundation for the youth who are the future of not only this country but of the world. Each year these children receive a full school uniform along with many sets of new clothes both modern and traditional. During all major events and programs they are invited for bhoj and are frequently offered grains, toiletries, oil, blankets, stationery, jewelery, household items, books and accessories to support the whole family.