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 Due to the relentless activities of Sivananda Math for over twenty years, the day-to-day struggle for survival of the villagers has been largely alleviated and the projects are constantly re-assessed and restructured to meet the evolving needs of Rikhia panchayat.


Currently projects to provide the very basic needs of any individual, such as food, clothing, and primary health care are continuing so as to meet the daily basic needs of villagers. In addition, high quality seeds, saplings and fertilizers are given to farmers along with supply of water and irrigation of their fields. Farmers are provided with farming tools along with cows to supply their families with milk and bullocks to help them plow their fields. Tools of trade are also given to carpenters, barbers, tailors, ironsmiths and labourers. Thelas or handcarts, mopeds, cycle and auto rikshaws are distributed to selected men of the area so that they have a means to work for a living. Bicycles are offered to kanyas in pursuit of higher education and schoolbags, stationery and notebooks are distributed to thousands of students from the local villages. Sewing machines are distributed to women to give them a way to also generate income for their families. In keeping with changing times, laptops computers, digital cameras and CD players are presented to deserving recipients to enable them to prosper in modern society.