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it is an ongoing project of Sivananda Ashram. The elderly members of Rikhia panchayat are identified and selected for this project on a needs basis. Many live alone, struggling for basic existence, without aid or sustenance. The services provided by Sivananda Ashram include a monthly pension, clothing all year round, woollens and blankets in winter, raincoats and umbrellas in the rainy season, grains, seasonal vegetables, cooking oils, utensils for cooking, and toiletries such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, hair oil and mirrors. Walking sticks and other necessities such as hearing aids and glasses are provided as required. Free medical check-ups and medicines are also available on a daily basis. Cooked wholesome meals are also provided during festivals and on special occasions throughout the year.

“If you want to please God, you must be generous to others. You don’t have to go to a temple, church or mosque, you don’t have to become a swami or a yogi, you don’t have to practice asana, pranayama or meditation. Just do whatever you can with your mind, knowledge, influence and might to relieve the pain of those in distress.”
Swami Satyananda

Future plans include providing the elderly of Rikhia a recreation center where they can spend their day in comfort and leisure. The recreation center will have a reading room and facilities to show video films such as Ramayana and Mahabharata to the aged in order to bring some joy and happiness into their otherwise monotonous and dull lives.