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The scriptures have said that the giving of grains is one of the highest forms of giving; it is known as anna daan, or giving food to the hungry. The profound empathy that Swami Satyananda felt towards the needs of his neighbours, led him to take the sankalpa to provide one nutritious and balanced meal daily to the kanyas and batuks and the senior citizens of Rikhia panchaya To fulfil this resolve, Sivananda Ashram undertook the grand venture to develop Annapurna Kshetram Kanya Kitchen to facilitate the daily feeding of well over 2500 people, in rain, hail and shine.


The Annapurna complex consists of an enormous dining area, store rooms and offices, an open air langar, kitchen, and facilities to store wood and coal. It features a modern gas kitchen,which has all the latest facilities of pizza,and roti makers along with an electric oven Swami Satyananda received the mandate from his Guru Swami Sivananda, “Serve, Love and Give.” These precepts became the sadhana,which he lived and perfected. The activities,which have been instigated through Sivananda Ashram, have all been a part of fulfilling this sankalpa and the Annapurna Kshetram Kanya Kitchen is an essential part.


“Feed man and God will be fed.”

Swami Satyananda