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Sivananda Ashram was founded in 2004 by Swami Satyasangananda at Rikhia, inspired by her Guru’s sankalpa or resolve to help and love his neighbours like his own self. Due to the extensive expansion of activities of Sivananda Math it was deemed necessary to establish Sivananda Ashram to enable additional facilities to be provided for the poor and underprivileged of Rikhia panchayat. Since its inception, activities have focused largely on the ignored elderly and infirm of Rikhia panchayat by offering material and moral support so that they may live with dignity and respect. It also offers aid and support to widows who are often treated as outcastes in society. Sivananda Ashram has undertaken to fulfill Swami Satyananda’s resolve to feed the children and elderly of Rikhia one wholesome meal a day to overcome malnutrition and the effects of inadequate food. In this way Sivananda Ashram aims to fulfill Swami Satyananda’s vision to provide facilities to improve quality of life of those in need by following the Vedic precepts of seva, selfless service, karuna, compassion, prem, love and sneha, affection