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The word ashram is derived from the word ‘shram’, which means to labour. So ashram forms the foundation of Ashram Life. Anything you set your heart on to achieve cannot be attained without struggle or effort from your side. A student labours hard to get good marks. A housewife labours hard to look after her family. A husband labours hard to meet the need of his children. Each and every living creature struggles hard to survive.


In the ashram too the sannyasins labour very hard, but this struggle is for perfection of one’s thoughts, words and deeds. The effort is towards attaining balance in these different facets of one’s personality. The head, heart and hands must synchronize if you want to realize your goals, whether they are material, spiritual or both. The ashram provides a suitable environment for this metamorphosis to take place because the lifeline of the ashram is spiritual. By spiritual I mean pure and untainted.


Purity of environment enhances that side of our personality, which is ready to accept inherent weaknesses and blemishes, change of outlook and opinion as well as improve ourselves. The fault is not in the environment or in the people with whom we have to interact, the problems we face arise from within. The circumstances only act as a catalyst to bring them to the surface. Everything you feel, think, say or do is coming from deep within. Ashram Life gives you the chance to reflect on this and therefore the changes that take place in you after spending time in the ashram are more permanent and abiding.


Ashram culture is going to be a panacea for the people of this modern era because it will provide them with a positive environment to explode that seed of creativity which is dormant within them.”

Swami Satyananda