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Antar mouna

Ashram Life is as relevant in our lives today as it was during the Vedic era. Even today, to live in the ashram for a few days as a sannyasin offers you the scope of enlarging your vision about yourself, and about life as well. You begin to understand yourself better, which on itself is a great achievement because it is our great misunderstanding of ourselves that leads us to disharmony.


The ashram acts as a shock absorber for each individual. The trauma, stresses and strains of life sometimes get too demanding for us. They eat up our energy and deplete our reserves. The ashram is an ideal place to stay and recharge yourself by stepping out of your normal life and living not just for yourself or if you feel that some unknown obstacle is disturbing your life on account of which you are unable to progress. Often the studies are disturbed or the job unstable. Or the marriage is not materializing. In some cases lack of direction, commitment and seriousness about life could be the cause of disharmony. No matter what the cause, the ashram is a panacea for all ills.