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Yoga Teacher Training course (English)

Karma Yoga is the basis of the daily routine in Rikhiapeeth and is a branch of yoga based on the practice of performing any activity with awareness, creativity and selflessness. The ultimate attitude of the karma yogi is the spirit of selfless service, skill, perfection in action and non-attachment. Such qualities are slowly imbibed by the practitioner until they come to be natural and spontaneous. When you completely live karma yoga the feeling of individuality disappears and the ego is transcended completely so that the light of consciousness can shine – the ultimate stage of yoga! In fact it is the most important yoga as it translates our everyday mundane actions into a means to reach the highest goal. Karma yoga can also be seen as occupational therapy as it helps in removing our mental agonies, disturbances, dissipations and imbalances by restoring peace, harmony, creativity and a dynamic awareness.