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“Since ancient times the aim of an ashram was not just to provide a place of retreat and relaxation, but also to create a place where people live and work together. Sometimes it is believed that spiritual growth takes place only through meditation but this is not correct. When you practice meditation together with karma yoga, growth is very fast. In the ashram you do not meditate all day, but you work all day. You learn to see divine grace while caring for the cows, working as a carpenter, in the kitchen cooking or cutting the vegetables, while checking the bank statement or caring for the sick. By the time the sun rises the ashram is bustling with activity and when the sun sets still it is active. The residents of the ashram live a very simple life and visitors and guests have to learn to adapt to this simplicity.”

Swami Satyananda


Ashram Life is for sincere aspirants wanting the opportunity to experience traditional gurukul lifestyle and follow the daily ashram routine of karma yoga and bhakti yoga. This unique lifestyle brings inspiration and upliftment to those who immerse themselves fully in the ashram routine in the spirit of seva, selfless service, while maintaining the ashram discipline. Ashram Life does not cater for those wanting to learn raja yoga, jnana yoga, kundalini yoga or kriya yoga. It is designed for those who want to live yoga rather than just learn it. Ashram Life is an important medium for character and personality building, bringing fresh energy, momentum and direction into people’s lives.