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Swami Satyananda (61)

“I received three instructions from my Guru, Swami Sivananda, ‘Serve, Love, and Give’. These precepts became the sadhana to be perfected in my life and took a definite form when I came to Rikhia. To help others grow and become better in all respects, external and internal, social and personal, is my sankalpa. The Rikhia ashram will now be known as Rikhiapeeth. Peeth means ‘seat’ and apt term for Rikhia as the instructions given to me by Swami Sivananda have culminated and fructified here. Rikhia; is an ashram in the original sense of the word. Swami Satyasangananda is the first Peethadhishwari or acharya of Rikhiapeeth and has been given the sankalpa that the three cardinal teachings of Swami Sivananda will be practiced and lived here. This is the future vision of Rikhiapeeth.”