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Paramahansa Satyananda established the annual Mahamrityunjaya Yajna during Yoga Purnima, as it is another very important and effective yajna to facilitate the health, well-being, protection and upliftment of mankind.


This annual yajna is held to honour the birth of Swami Satyananda which took place at Almora, in the Himalayas on Purnima, the full moon night, of the month of Margashirsha in 1923. Paramahansa Satyananda’s life was one of total surrender and dedication to his Guru Swami Sivananda, who gave him the mandate to reveal the true essence of yoga. On account of his unparalleled contribution to mankind in the field of yoga, the event is named Yoga Purnima, a tribute to Swami Satyananda, a yogi who continues to inspire millions to live the divine life.


Yoga Purnima is a five days glorification of the Supreme consciousness, Shiva. Mrityunjaya Mahadev is theishta devata, personal deity, of Swami Satyananda and accordingly the Mahamrityunjaya havan is conducted daily along with Rudrabhishek. During this yajna proficient pandits from Varanasi chant daily the sacred hymns of the Rudri and perform Rudrabhishek of the divya lingam at Rikhiapeeth. This divya lingam, brought specially from Narmadeshwar, was first anointed by Paramahansa Satyananda at the first Yoga Purnima in 2008. Since then this divya lingam is worshipped daily at Rikhiapeeth by the batuks of Rikhia who, along with the kanyas have become experts in this worship.


Shiva is known as Adi Guru, the first Guru, as it is from him the Guru parampara or tradition evolved. By worshipping Shiva, the form of auspiciousness, we invoke the grace of Guru tattwa, element, into our lives. Combining this worship of Lord Shiva with the celebration of the life of Swami Satyananda is fitting as we are celebrating the Guru tradition that he exalted and in essence we are worshipping two great yogis. Shiva is the King of Yogis and Paramahansa Satyananda who after the successful culmination of the Rajasooya Yajna has also been proclaimed a king, the King of Hearts. This yajna is both a tribute to the birth and life of the great yogi Paramahansa Satyananda as well as a way to awaken the benevolent force of the Cosmic Father, Shiva.


Swami Satyananda has shown us how, by the worship of the Cosmic Mother, Shakti and the Cosmic Father, Shiva, we can consecrate our lives, awaken its true meaning and understand ourselves in the context of the entire creation. We are not just individuals living on this planet by coincidence. We have a purpose, destiny and goal, and the way to realize that has been made clear by Swami Satyananda.


Click to download 2013 Invitation for Sat Chandi Mahayajna and Yoga Purnima: 2013 SK-YP