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Rikhiapeeth (4)

Yajnas herald the awakening of man’s consciousness and represent that moment in history when prehistoric man discovered fire and crossed the threshold from instinctive animal nature to higher planes of consciousness. Fire is one of the five elements of creation and its existence is eternal. We all know that agni or fire has been the foremost in illuminating the path of man. The discovery of fire and its potential was a giant leap from animal to human awareness. Since then we have used fire to cook food, keep warm as well as used it as a source of light. It is a silent witness to each and every act of life.


Yajna is an ancient practice shrouded in antiquity but as relevant to modern man as it was to the rishis and munis of the Vedic era who conceived the spirit of yajna to express their love, respect and reverence for Mother Nature and to connect with and invoke the blessings of the hidden cosmic forces.


In the 21st century, when global order has been replaced by global disorder, performing yajnas becomes an act of greater importance in order to restore harmony. Yajnas serve as an antidote to the effects of widespread pollution all around us, whether it is air, water, noise, light and even more subtle forms of pollution such as thought pollution that is invading us from all sides. Yajna will prove to be a boon for future generations as it offers the solution to overcome the difficulties of individuals, wider society and the environment. Yajna is more than a fire ceremony; it is the circulation of universal peace, prosperity, health and well-being.


Just as from 1968 Swami Satyananda systematically presented the ancient practices of yoga for the evolution of man from gross to higher mental levels, from 1989 onwards he began to present the esoteric practice of yajna in the same scientific and systematic way. This was done out of his universal love and compassion so that mankind could have an effective tool or medium to ensure the safety of its existence and quality of life on this planet.