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After the Mahasamadhi of Paramahansa Satyananda in 2009 Peethadhishwari Swami Satyasangananda initiated the tradition of performing an aradhana each year at Rikhiapeeth, dedicated to Swami Satyananda, for fulfillment of his sankalpas. the is a practical way to honor and live the teachings of Paramahansa Satyananda and uphold the knowledge that he exalted.


2011 was dedicated to Devi aradhana and each day the mos sacred Sri Lalita Homa was performed to the chanting of 1008 names of Lalita.


After the successful completion of Devi aradhana, in 2012 Swami Satyasatsangananda took the sankalpa of a year long Ram Naam aradhana.


In this way the tradition of aradhana has been firmly established at Rikhiapeeth in which each year a different deity will be invoked through worship. These aradhanas performed by the snanyasins are a profound and powerful way to create a link or channel with Pujya Gurudev Paramahansa Satyananda and serve as an important means of strengthening the spiritual awareness of aspirants.