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In the Treta Yuga, Sri Ram performed the Rajasooya Yajna at Ayodhya on the banks of the Sarayu. In Dwapara, the Pandavas held the Rajasooya Yajna in the presence of Lord Krishna at Indraprastha, which is now modern day Delhi. In Kali Yuga Swami Satyananda performed the Rajasooya Yajna, from 1995 to 2007, at Rikhiapeeth.


From 1963 to 1983 Swami Satyananda fulfilled the instruction of his Guru to spread the teachings of yoga “from shore to shore and door to door” without any distinction of race, religion, creed, country or gender. Through the medium of Rajasooya Yajna, Swami Satyananda exalted the divine mandate that he received to “take care of your neighbours as I have taken care of you.” He expanded the concept of neighbour to such an extent that the whole of humanity came into his ever expanding-embrace of care and support, whether material or spiritual. In doing so he also fulfilled the other instruction that he received from Swami Sivananda, “Serve, Love and Give” and established these cardinal teachings of his Guru as the most pertinent need of humanity for the 21st century.


For twelve years Swami Satyananda expounded his enlightened understanding of Swami Sivananda’s teachings to millions. Through his example, he showed that service to humanity is the beginning of spiritual life and is essential for all aspirants who seek personal growth, development and evolution. He established bhakti or faith and pure love as the most important need of this century and declared it to be the ‘science of life’ which can re-establish healthy and balanced individuals and society. A constant feature and speciality of the Rajasooya Yajna was perfection in the art of giving. When Rajasooya Yajna is conducted by an enlightened being such as Swami Satyananda, it is not merely the grand scale material giving that is a highlight but the giving of spiritual wealth, knowledge and inspiration which permeated throughout the world.


Panchagni sadhana, the five fires worship, was performed in total isolation whereas the Rajasooya Yajna was performed with the participation and involvement of hundreds of thousands of people who received infinite blessings. Spiritual seekers, aspirants, devotees and well-wishers came from every corner of the globe to experience the divine and spiritual vibrations that emanated from this historic yajna and to partake in the most profound and relevant spiritual teachings available today.

The Rajasooya Yajna is an ancient Vedic ritual traditionally performed only by kings and emperors. A king is not only a person who conquers land; a person who conquers the world with an idea is also called king. A person who has conquered many hearts is called ‘The King of Hearts’. Swami Satyananda is an emperor whose empire has no boundaries; he is the King of Hearts.


The Rajasooya Yajna was conducted at Rikhiapeeth as the sankapla or resolve of the great spiritual luminary Swami Satyananda. This profound undertaking will have benefits not just for those fortunate to witness and partake in this most ancient yajna, but for the whole of humankind, not just for those alive today, but for generations to come. The blessings that were invoked will continue to shower upon one and all here in Rikhiapeeth, the place he loves, and throughout the world.