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Soon after arriving at Rikhia, Swami Satyananda undertook the vow of Panchagni sadhana for nine years. In the first year he endured one fire for six months from sunrise to sunset, and all five fires on Purnima and Amavasya. In the second year he lit two fires on all days and five on Purnima and Amavasya. In this way one fire was added each year and after the fifth year was over he endured five fires each day for one year. This was endurance of the five external fires. After six years the fire was transferred to a special altar where it was concealed with ash but kept alight and burning inside. This concealed fire representing the five internal fires was attended for two years. This was followed by worship of the fire with mantra for the last year after which purnahuti or the final oblation was done. His vow of Panchagni culminated in 1998. Only one who has endure the five internal fires of passion, anger, greed, attachment and jealously can endure the five external fires.


The Panchagni lit by Sri Swamiji is still burning at Rikhiapeeth and is worshipped daily by sannyasins at sunrise and sunset with aromatic herbs amidst the chanting of Vedic mantras. The intense sadhana of Panchagni performed by Swami Satyananda has forged a very powerful samskara here in Rikhiapeeth with the performance of havans. In keeping with this tradition havans are regularly conducted at Rikhiapeeth. Regular performance of havans over time builds up immense spiritual energy and divine vibrations, as with each consecutive fire ceremony the effects become more profound