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The ancient rishis, realized sages, were not blind believers in rituals; rather they understood the science of havan, and utilized it as a tool to uplift and illuminate the path of mankind. This eternal science can be used to alleviate suffering and to bestow peace, plenty, prosperity and purity. Havans are a powerful and ancient means to invoke blessings and boons as it connects man with the cosmic powers abounding in the universe. The mantras recited during havans are powerful chants in praise of the divine forces,  which influence all aspects of our lives.


Through the purifying influence of agni or fire and the sound vibration of mantras the effect of havan takes place on two levels, the internal and the external. The external havan helps in balancing and purifying the environment and the internal ignites consciousness and propels us to awaken and realize our true nature. Physical health, long life, prosperity, self-discipline and peace of mind, expansion of the heart and its purification are only some of the benefits of havan.