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After receiving the divine mandate at Trayambakeshwar in 1989, Swami Satyananda arrived in Rikhia on 23rdSeptember, 1989. For twelve years he remained in isolation, constantly performing higher spiritual sadhanas. He entered the lifestyle of paramahansas who do not work for their disciples and mission alone, but have a universal vision. His first anusthan began in 1989, the Ashtottar-Shat-Laksh Mantra purascharana (108 lakh or 10,800,000 rounds of japa) which took him 300 days to complete. This was followed by the Panchagni Tapasya, the sadhana of five fires, a very rigorous penance, which he continued for nine years. He also performed Chaturmas anusthan from 1989 to 1999. Thus, Swami Satyananda has paved the way for future paramahansas to uphold their tradition.


With the sankalpa of peace, plenty and prosperity for all Swami Satyananda continued to perform higher Vedic sadhanas until he attained Mahasamadhi in 2009, thus inspiring sannyasins and householders in their spiritual journey to develop a universal vision