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  • “Many things happen in this earthly life which give us pain and sorrow. This distress can be remedied by the divine grace of Devi, the Cosmic Shakti. That is the purpose of this Sat Chandi Mahayajna.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “If you give up selfish attachments, you will get everything.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Whatever is permeated by divinity, has good vibrations, which inspires good thoughts and feelings in us, which can build a good society and develop good relations between us – that is the highest Bhakti. ”

    Swami Satyananda

  • Without faith there is no bhakti, there is no devotion.

  • “Learn to give, give in plenty, give with love, give without any expectation, one does not lose anything by giving, on the other hand you get back a thousand fold.”- Swami Sivananda

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