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  • “Instead of guiding yourself according to the opinion of everyone, listen only to the voice of your soul and follow its dictates.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Firm faith in God is the reward of all spiritual efforts.” Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  • “Once the doors of the heart and mind are open, everything happens naturally and spontaneously.” Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  • Ashram life is an aid to illumination every moment that you live there. Swami Satyananda

  • Change your thoughts. Lift yourself above the self-created concepts of happiness and misery.

    Swami Satyananda

  • You have to remember your purpose in life – it is not for the fulfilment of sensual life, but the fulfilment of your spiritual vision. Swami Satyananda

  • “Service is the greatest purifier of karmas and without internal purity spiritual life is meaningless. It is through service that spiritual evolution gains momentum and the inner journey towards the highest knowledge begins.” - Swami Satyananda

  • “All your questions can be answered by you yourself. The master is within you.” Swami Satyananda

  • “Bhakti yoga brings about a transformation in awareness, like a chemical change.” Swami Satyananda

  • “By attaining Bhakti man becomes perfect, complete, content and immortal.”

    Swami Satyananda

  • Music does the important ground work by taking your self away from you.

    Swami Satyananda

  • Ashram culture is going to be a panacea for the people of this modern era because it will provide them with a positive environment to explode that seed of creativity which is dormant within them.” – Swami Satyananda

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