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  • “Faith dispels the overpowering gloom of ignorance like sunlight dispels the clouds. Vanity and ignorance automatically go away with the gem of faith. When faith and will develop, illumination arises from within, just as the sun rises and illumines the darkness.” - Swami Satyananda

  • “Real success is not measured by status, monetary gain or any personal achievement, but by how much one is able to offer others in their time of need, for their upliftment and for the removal of their distress.” - Swami Satyananda

  • “I have searched for the highway, the straight path to reach God. The path to reach God is: Never think of yourself.” - Swami Satyananda

  • “Everything is possible where there is goodwill.”– Swami Satyananda

  • “To make the mind strong, a man must be able to make a decision and stick to it without wavering.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Leave everything to the Divine. Know always that you are the instrument and the Divine is the doer.” - Swami Satyananda

  • “Our Sankalpa is for the peace, prosperity and spiritual upliftment of the entire world.” -  Swami Satyananda

  • “Love is an expression of our deep-rooted divinity” - Swami Satyananda

  • “If faith and belief are channelled properly towards God, life will be full of bliss and wonder.” - Swami Satyananda

  • “As a yoga practitioner, both dynamism – your work, accomplishments and ambitions – and yogic life must be practised side by side.” Swami Satyananda

  • “Bhakti does not need to be cultivated or defined. Bhakti is present in everyone. Bhakti is an all-pervading essence in all living beings, not only human beings.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “A yajna is not merely a form of worship, ritual or sacrifice – it is a combination of esoteric and exoteric elements to propitiate the divine energies.” Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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