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  • “You have to remember your purpose in life – it is not for the fulfillment of sensual life, but the fulfillment of your spiritual vision”. Swami Satyananda

  • “All your questions can be answered by you yourself. The master is within you.” Swami Satyananda

  • “If you want to befriend your mind, treat the whole world as your family and reach out to as many people as you can. This is a practical sadhana I am giving you. I do it and Swami Satsangi does it.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Within you is the historical and microscopic film of aeons and ages, mankind and creation. There is nothing which you are not.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Try to see God in suffering humanity. This is the duty of saints, sages and holy men, as well as householders. It is the duty of humanity. Today there is so much pain and misery everywhere because God is not seen where He actually is, in suffering humanity.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Love, which is an expression of the heart, should be made to flow towards one who can consume it, like an ocean which consumes all rivers and yet remains undisturbed.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Three things are your true form, your true nature: satyam, truth: shivam, ausipiciousness: and sundaram, beauty.  You don’t have to bring purity from outside, it is within you. You don’t have to adopt any good qualities from outside. You are already that.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Dedication to the upliftment of others, seeing others in oneself and oneself in others; this is the ultimate yoga. This is the path and this is the yoga of the next century, call it ‘freedom yoga’.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Faith needs no explanation.” – Swami Satyananda

  • “Love means total awareness.”- Swami Satyananda

  • “The higher qualities of man such as love, compassion and mercy are the expressions of an awakened heart.” -Swami Satyananda

  • “There is no noise in the world. There is no peace in the Himalayas. Both are within you.”- Swami Satyananda

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