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Swami Satyananda (5) 

Swami Satyananda’s residence
during Panchagni, from 1994 to 2004. Currently
houses lifelike pratima of Swami Satyananda.

The place where Swami Satyananda
resided during 2009 and left his body at
mid-night on 5th December 2009.


Site for the Yoga University,
contains both extensive residential facilities and
spacious classrooms.

The place where Swami Satyananda
was given Bhu Samadhi and placed at his
final resting place on 6th December 2009.

Sanctified by Swami Satyananda who lit a sacred fire and performed Ashtottar-Shat-Laksh
Mantra purascharana in this room in 1990 for 10

This complex is the fulfillment of the vision of Swami Satyananda to provide facilities to enable the daily feeding of over 2000 kanyas and batuks and old age pensioners.

The residence of Swami Satyananda where he lived in total seclusion from 2004 to 2008
performing long and arduous sadhanas.

Contains the puja room of Swami Satyananda where each year during Chaturmas (July-Oct) he performed several anusthans of Ramacharitamanas.

Tranquil campus offering accommodation options for families and groups within walking distance from the Akhara.

Residential buildings fondly referred to by Swami Satyananada as the “Twin Towers”.

Second floor houses the spacious and airy Satsang Bhavan, the classroom of the kanyas and batuks. Site of the annual Sat Chandi Mahayajna and Yoga Purnima.

There is only one place in the world where Christ has his own cottage; it is Christ Kutir at Rikhia.

Newly constructed residential facilities offers guests a touch of comfort in their home away from home.

Extensive campus containing a variety of residential buildings set amongst well maintained gardens and lawns.

The open air dining hall where ashram residents and guests have daily meals. Kanya bhoj is conducted regularly on all special events and festivals.

A quaint residential facility in the heart of Rikhiapeeth offers private quarters for families and groups.