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In December 2018, Rikhiapeeth will once again host the most sacred events of Sat Chandi Mahayajna, Yoga Purnima and Ganesh Aradhana. You are invited to partake in these historic events and connect with the tradition of Paramahansa Satyananda that brings untold material and spiritual benefits as well as spreading the sankalpa for peace, plenty and prosperity throughout the world.


The invocations and worships will begin on 5th of December with Guru Bhakti Yoga Aradhana and culminate on 22nd December on the auspicious occasion of Marga Sheersh purnima, when the birth anniversary of Paramahansa Satyananda will be celebrated.


This year the Guru Bhakti Yoga Aradhana conducted on 5th and 6th December will be most auspicious as it will be 108 months since Paramahansa attained Mahasamadhi and complete one full mala of Guru Bhakti Yoga Aradhanas at Rikhiapeeth.


In December 2018 you have the opportunity to experience the universal vision and sankalpa of a Paramahansa manifesting and flourishing. So come with friends and family to receive the abundant grace and blessings of Devi, Shiva, Ganesha and Guru that will flow in abundance during these most auspicious invocations and worships of the cosmic powers.


5th & 6th December – Guru Bhakti Yoga Aradhana

8th – 12th December – Sat Chandi Mahayajna

15th – 17th December – Ganesh Aradhana

18th – 22nd December – Yoga Purnima


16th - 22nd December – Yoga Sadhana: Kriya Yoga and Tattwa Shuddhi (English) This introductory sadhana retreat into the ancient Kriya Yoga practices will provide aspirants with a systematic and practical method of purifying and awakening the dormant energy channels. Participants will also receive initiation into the tantric practice of Tattwa Shuddhi.


Those wanting to attend any or all of the specified events should contact Rikhiapeeth for further details and registration:



Tel: 09102699831 / 09204 080006 (8 -11 am and 2-5 pm)

Address: Rikhiapeeth, PO Rikhia, Dist Deoghar, Jharkhand, 814113